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Network standalone 2 PCI slot DVR hardware platform

PVS-1125 Introduction

Leveraging years of experience in industrial PC industry, we rolled out the PVS-1125, a digital security surveillance (DSS) subsystem based on industrial computer platform. Simply plug in the capture cards, it can turn out to be a stable as well as hi-quality DSS system. Offering two PCI slots within the compact form factor, the PVS-1125 is able to capture videos from 8 channels. Combining with the optional SD board, you can have the OS and surveillance AP installed in the SD card and the recorded video stored in the HDD. This would significantly reduce the maintenance possibility resulting from the HDD failure. Meanwhile, it allows you to keep the stored data more conveniently by HDD swapping.
Besides, optional peripheral cards are offered to enable RS-485 and GPIO functionality.In addition, we have a unique design remote control that supports mouse, number keys, playback key and other application keys. This user friendly interface can replace the function of traditional mouse and keyboard and it is easy to perated. The PVS-1125 is powered by IntelR PentiumR 4 processor. The built-in 852GME chipset features up to 64MB shared DDR memory. Other features include up to 2 GB of 200/266 DDR memory, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 RS-232, (1 RS-485, GPIO board optional) ,and one 10/100 BASE-TX Fast Ethernet (Gigabit Ethernet optional).

PVS-1125 Features

Industrial grade platform
Intel® Pentium® 4 or Celeron® processor in the mPGA478 package
Intel 852GME integrated graphics with up to 64 MB shared DDR memory
2 PCI expansion slots
1 swappable HDD driver bay
2 USB ports, 2 RS-232 ports
Optional Gigabit Ethernet, SD socket board, 1 RS-485 port, 4 GP-In ports, 2 GP-Out ports, Infrared Remote Controller

PVS-1125 Ordering Information

PVS-1125-0000 Network Standalone 2 PCI slot DVR barebone
PVS-1125-S12C4A 4 Ch. DVR System, With 1 4Ch DVC-3112-01 SW compression capture card
PVS-1125-S12C8A 8 Ch. DVR System, With 2 4Ch DVC-3112-01 SW compression capture cards
PVS-1125-H32C4 4 Ch. DVR System, With 1 4Ch DVC-3132 HW compression capture card
PVS-1125-H32C8 8 Ch. DVR System, With 2 4Ch DVC-3132 HW compression capture cards

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