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Embedded Computing

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Embedded Chassis   Embedded Chassis
Other   Other
Panel PCs   Panel PCs
With a stainless steel and aluminum structure, the industrial panel PC is rugged to handle the toughest industrial operating environments. Available in a choice of screen sizes
PC/104 Modules   PC/104 Modules
PC/104 modules provide simple feature expansion for embedded applications
Single Board Computers   Single Board Computers
Small-sized, fully-integrated single board computers utilize the most advanced embedded technology to generate compact computing engines to fit in the space of a 3.5" HDD or 5.25" FDD
Slot CPU Cards   Slot CPU Cards
Advantech's slot CPU card family delivers a variety of solutions for embedded applications
Solid State Disks   Solid State Disks
Compared to mechanical disks, solid state disks can withstand more severe conditions and have a lower risk of breakdown or data loss
System On Module   System On Module
Composed of a ready-to-run series, these flexible CPU system modules plug into easily designed applicationspecific customer solution boards


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