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Industrial Automation

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Accessories   Accessories
Distributed Control DAC   Distributed Control DAC
The ADAM-8000 is a universal controller that provides an optimum solution for various industrial applications in centralized and distributed system architectures
Distributed DAC   Distributed DAC
ADAM-5000 range of data acquisition modules. The ADAM-5000/485 and ADAM-5000E systems use the EIA RS-485 communication protocol
Ethernet DAC   Ethernet DAC
Remote modules allow sensors to be measured and controlled over Ethernet
Human Machine Interface Platforms   Human Machine Interface Platforms
We provide hardware platforms such as industrial panel PC (IPPC), industrial workstation (AWS), flat panel monitor (FPM), and touch panel computer (TPC)
Industrial Backplanes   Industrial Backplanes
A wide choice of backplanes to fulfill any requirements for expansion slots for single board computers
Industrial Communications   Industrial Communications
Industrial I/O Systems   Industrial I/O Systems
Industrial PC Chassis   Industrial PC Chassis
Various fault-resilient rackmount and wallmount industrial PC chassis designed for mission-critical, non-stop applications
Intelligent Image Processing   Intelligent Image Processing
Keyboards   Keyboards
We sell a wide variety of keyboards, including rackmount keyboards, flexible roll up keyboards and membrane keyboards.
Plug-in DAC Cards   Plug-in DAC Cards
Our plug-in I/O solutions meet all your requirements in most general purpose Machine Automation applications
Rackmount Displays   Rackmount Displays
A range of displays designed to fit in a standard rack
Remote DAC System   Remote DAC System
Remote modules allow sensors to be measured and controlled over RS485
Signal Conditioning Modules and Terminal Boards   Signal Conditioning Modules and Terminal Boards
Our signal conditioning products for data acquisition systems provide sensor and signal-specific conditioning on a per-module basis for variant type of sensor or signal


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