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1-port GSM to RS-232/422/485 Data Gateway

ADAM-4581 Introduction

Please note: Advantech have now discontinued the ADAM-4581. A suitable replacement is ICP DAS' WISE-4000 series.

Please call us on +441902 428688 to discuss your requirement in more detail.

The ADAM-4581 1-port GSM to RS-232/485 Wireless Data Gateway product provides GSM CSD data communication as well as SMS service through the interface with the 2-band GSM (900/1800) module for applications in facility management systems, water/wastewater monitoring, pipeline monitoring, unmanned telecommunication facility monitoring, surveillance, as well as others. The ADAM-4581ís interface uses the industrial device standard RS-232/485 with auto-flow control. ADAM-4581ís built-in intelligent SMS communication capability provides communication transparency for RS-232/485 ASCII data and GSM AT command conversion. Users are guaranteed GSM AT commands and SMS for communication are always available. ADAM- 4581 converts ASCII data or commands into a message in SMS or GSM data mode and can also convert this message back to an ASCII data/ command at another siteís ADAM-4581. If an urgent alarm or event happens in a field site, through the ADAM-4581ís eight TTL digital inputs, the ADAM-4581 could instantly send a short message to a control station, mobile phone or wherever else the alert is needed.

ADAM-4581 Features

  • GSM Based Wireless Communication Platform
  • GUI Based Configuration Tool Provided
  • Remote download for system configuration
  • RS-232/485 Interface support
  • Digital Input Interface support
  • Auto-dial out support for alarm/events

ADAM-4581 Ordering Information

1-port GSM to RS-232/422/485 Data Gateway

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