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ISA Rich, Socket 7 ATX Motherboard capable of supporting up to 233Mhz Processors (TX Chipset)

ITOX G586 Introduction

The G586ITOX combines the power of the Intel Pentium MMX class processors, the Intel TX chipset and a built-in graphics accelerator, with the ability to support up to seven expansion cards on an industry standard ATX format motherboard. The on-board video controller eliminates the need to dedicate one of the expansion slots to drive a video display. The G586ITOX will accept up to six full-length ISA cards and is an ideal alternative to expensive passive backplane system architectures. In addition, it offers many features, like a watchdog timer and temperature monitoring designed specifically for industrial applications.

One of the most important features of the G-ITOX3 is that it is produced under strict revision-control guidelines to provide a long and stable product life cycle. It is ideal for computer telephony, industrial control, medical instrumentation and other application environments where extensive testing or certification of the system is required. ITOX revision-controlled motherboards reduce you long-term costs for system testing, certification and maintenance.

ITOX G586 Features

  • Long and stable product life
  • 7 Expansion slots; supports up to 6 full length ISA cards
  • Intel 82430TX chipset
  • Built-in video controller
  • Supports Intel Pentium MMX and 586 class processors from AMD, Cyrix STMicroelectronics and others
  • ATX industry standard form factor
  • Watchdog timer
  • Monitors fan speed, processor temperature and power supply voltages
  • High quality, long life components
  • ISO 9002 certified manufacturing process

ITOX G586 Specification

Intel Pentium® Processor with MMXTM to 233MHz
Intel Pentium® Processor to 200MHz
Cyrix®/IBM®6x86TM & 6x86LTM to PR166MHz
AMD-K5 to PR166MHz
AMD K6 to 300MHz; K6-2 to 266MHz
IDT C6 to 200MHz

Intel® 8230TX PCIset

512KB pipeline burst, direct map write-back cache onboard

8MB to 256MB onboard memory
Two 168-pin DIMM sockets using x64 EDO (60/70ns), fast page mode (60/70ns), or SDRAM (10/12/13ns), 3.3V
Four 72-pin SIMM sockets using EDO or fast page mode x32 DRAM, (60/70ns), 5V.

Award BIOS, Windows® 95 Plug and Play compatible.
Flash EPROM for easy BIOS upgrades. Supports drive and USB functions

S3 Trio64V+ Accelerated 64-bit graphics controller
1 MB video memory onboard
Video playback feature
VESA DDC2B for Plug and Play monitors

Supports ACPI spec and OS Directed Power Management
RTC timer to power-on or wake-up the system
Modem Ring-On.Wake-Up
System power management supported
CPU stopped clock control
Hardware supports SMI green mode
Microsoft®/Intel® APM 1.2 compliant
Soft Power supported - ACPI v1.0a specification

Monitors processor temperature and overheat alarm
Monitors 5V AND 12V POWER voltages WITH failure alarm
Automatic processor fan control to save energy, prevent system overheating and prolong fan life

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