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Pentium?/font> MMX POS Control Board for Multimedia Applications

POS-562 Introduction

The POS-562 is a powerful Pentium?/font> processor-based control board designed for high-end multimedia POS applications as well as other special OEM markets. It supports Intel Pentium?/font>, Pentium?/font> MMX, AMD K5 and K6, and NS 6x86 processors. The POS-562 is packed with special on-board features like 100/10Base-T Ethernet, 16-bit sound, 36-bit XGA LCD and LVDS support as well as DOC?/font> 2000 and an abundance of IOs.

The POS-562 uses a standardized layout based on Western Digital's LPM/LPX format. It is 100% PC compatible and readily connectable to any existing PC hardware and software. Special POS features like four on-board serial ports, each with +5 V/+12 V power output capability, and two USB connections are available to accommodate a wide array of POS peripherals.

POS-562's industrial grade construction allows it to withstand continuous operation in a harsh POS environment where reliability is essential. Other on-board industrial features not found on conventional motherboards include a watchdog timer for dependability during unmanned operations, and CMOS backup to Flash ROM. An on-board SSD socket can support DiskOnChip?/font> Flash modules.

The POS-562 includes two 72-pin SIMM sockets and one 168-pin DIMM socket for up to 128 MB total on-board memory.

POS-562 Features

  • All-in-one design simplifies system integration and increases system stability
  • Compatible with Intel Pentium?/font> and Pentium?/font> MMX, NS 6x86 MX, MII and AMD K6 processors up to 300 MHz
  • On-board POS features such as 4 x RS-232 with power and 2 x USB interfaces for controlling cash drawers or other external peripherals
  • 100/10Base-T with RJ-45 connection for the most demanding networking environment
  • 16-bit full-duplex 3D audio for quality multimedia sound applications
  • Special industrial features not found on conventional motherboards include watchdog timer, SSD and CMOS EPROM backup
  • Standardized layout conforms to Western Digital LPM/LPX format for easy installation within standard sized chassis
  • Supports up to 36-bit XGA high resolution LCD, 18-bit LVDS, as well as CRT VGA at 2 to 4 MB display memory
  • Advanced CPU switching power technology for stable and low heat CPU voltage power conversion
  • Supports DiskOnChip?/font> Flash modules

POS-562 Specification

Standard SBC Functions
  • CMOS backup: CMOS data backup in Flash memory, avoiding system configuration data loss
  • CPU: Intel Pentium?/font> MMX; AMD K6; and NS 6x86 MX, MII up to 300 MHz
  • BIOS: Award 256 KB Flash BIOS includes Ethernet boot ROM, SSD driver and VGA BIOS. Supports Plug and Play
  • Chipset: SiS 5582
  • Green function: APM 1.1 compliant
  • Second level cache: On-board 512 KB
  • RAM: Two 72-pin SIMM sockets and one 168-pin DIMM socket for 128 MB total on-board memory
  • IDE interface: One 44-pin header for 2.5" HDD and one 40-pin header supports 3.5" HDD
  • FDD interface: Supports up to two FDDs
  • Parallel port: Two parallel ports, supporting SPP/EPP/ECP parallel mode
  • Serial ports: Four serial ports with +5 V/+12 V power capability
    COM1, 2, 3: RS-232
    COM4: RS-232/422/485 (jumper select)
  • Watchdog timer: Software enabled/disabled. 0 to 63 sec. selectable
  • Keyboard connector: Mini-DIN keyboard connector and 6-pin header connector for mouse/keyboard
  • Mouse connector: PS/2 mouse connector, jumper select to keyboard
  • Infared port: Supports up to 115 Kbps transmitting rate
  • USB interface: Two USB connectors (complies with USB Spec. Rev. 1.0)
  • I/O bus expansion: EISA bus connector provides ISA/PCI signals
SVGA/Flat Panel Interface
  • Chipset: C&T 65555
  • Display memory: 2 MB on-board standard, 4 MB optional
  • Display type: Direct interface to 36-bit XGA TFT LCD. Simultaneously supports CRT and flat panel (EL, LCD and gas plasma) displays. Advanced power management. Supports 3.3 V LCD
  • Display resolution: Supports non-interlace CRT and LCD up to 1024 x 768 x 64 K colors with 2 MB on-board memory
LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signal) interface
  • Chipset: TI SN75LVDS84
  • Performance: 18 low-voltage TTL data channels
  • Data transmitting distance: Over 10 meters
Ethernet Interface
  • Chipset: Realtek RTL 8139A
  • Ethernet interface: PCI 100/10 Mbps Ethernet controller via RJ-45 connector. IEEE 820.3U protocol compatible
Audio Function
  • Chipset: ESS 1869
  • Sound quality: Full-duplex, integrated 3D audio
  • Audio interface: Mic-in, Line-in, CD audio, Line-out, Speaker-out
Solid State Disk
  • Solid state disk:
    - One 32-pin socket supports DiskOnChip?/font> 2000 Flash disk
    - DOS and Windows 3.1 command compatible
Mechanical and Environmental
  • Power requirements:
    -Typical: 3.73 A @ +5 V (K6-2-300, 32 MB)
    -Max.: 5.5 A @ +5 V
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60?C (32 ~ 140?F)
  • Dimensions: 220 mm x 235 mm (8.7" x 9.25")
  • Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)

POS-562 Ordering Information

  • POS-562-00A1 : Pentium?/font> MMX POS Control Board for Multimedia Applications (with 2 MB VGA memory)
  • POS-562S-00A1 : Same as POS-562-00A1, but without 16-bit sound and LVDS
  • POS-102 : 2-slot PCI/ISA Riser Card for POS-808 (fits POS-560, POS-562)
  • POS-808-0000 : Book-size Chassis for POS Control Board
  • PCD-2000-080A/1600/2400/3200/4800/8000/0144/0288 : 8~ 288 MB DiskOnChip?/font> 2000 Flash disk
  • 1700080170 : USB Cable for POS-562
  • 1759202400 : Fan with heatsink for processor

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