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Intelligent Web Controller WebCon Series

WEB-2000 Introduction

Advantech's new series of WebCon 2000 products, the WEB-2000, is an all-in-one RISC StrongARM TM processor-based controller that brings you traditional x86-like I/O ports yet without an x86's high power comsumption. The WEB-2000's total power consumption is below 5W, which allows the WEB-2000 to operate up to 70℃ (158℉). The WEB-2000 comes equipped with 16/32 MB SDRAM, a 10 Base-T Ethernet interface, two DB-9 RS-232 ports and one RS-485 serial port. There are six digital input and six high drive digital output ports, VGA out and a 24 VDC Phoenix power input. The WEB-2000 is a Web enabler that is ideal for industrial controllers, security systems, home/building automation, factory automation, laboratory instrumentation, and more, especially in harsh environments such as high temperature settings. The WEB-2000 operates under Windows TM CE 3.0 and allows you to immediately execute your applications.

  • Web enabler for industrial automation
  • e-Server for VPN
  • Smart Router
  • Web controller
  • Remote boot-up & management system

  • WEB-2000 Specification

    • CPU: StrongARMTM 206 MHz
    • Memory: 16/32 MB SDRAM; 16MB Flash Memory
    • Ethernet Port: Ethernet controller: SMC91C96;
      Ethernet interface: IEEE 802.3 compatible 10Base-T interface
    • Solid State Disk: one external CompactFlash TM socket emulated HDD
    • LED: one power LED, one CF LED and four status LED
    • Serial Ports: Two RS-232, One RS-485
      One DB9 2-wire RS-232 interface (COM1)
      One DB9 full RS-232 interface (COM2)
      One DB9 RS-485 (COM 3)
    • VGA output: VGA chip: MQ-200 with 2 MB SDRAM embedded, 128-bit 2D graphics accelerator
    • Keyboard/mouse connector: supports standard PC/AT keyboard and mouse
    • Reset button:
    • DIO: One DB-15 connector (Male) for six D/I, six D/O with protection, one Vcc and two GND pin
    • Digital output: output voltage-open collector 5-40 VDC sink current: 200 mA max.
    • Digital input: input voltage: low:0.5V max.; high:2.4V min.
    Dimension & Weight
    • Chassis Size (mm): 188.8 x 106.5 x 35.5 mm
    • Weight: 0.7kg
    Environmental Specifications
    • Operating Temperature: 0~70℃ (32~158℉)
    Power Supply
    • Power Supply Voltage: 24 VDC (input range 12-35 VDC)
    • Max. Power Requirements: +24V @ 0.2A

    WEB-2000 Ordering Information

    • WEB-2000-1100 : Hardware w/16MB SDRAM +16 MB CompactFlash + Windows CE 3.0 OS
    • WEB-2000-3000 : Hardware w/32MB SDRAM +16 MB CompactFlash + Windows CE 3.0 OS

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