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Product Name Description PDF
ADAM-WinNCS ADAM-8000 WinNCS Software No
ADAM-WinPLC7 WinPLC7 ProgrammingSoftware No
ADAM8201-1AA20 Terminal Module No
ADAM8208-1CA01 CANopen Master Module No
ADAM8208-1DP01 Profibus-DP MasterModule No
ADAM8208-2DP10 Profibus-DP Master Fiber Optic Module No
ADAM8214-1BA01 PLC CPU214 Module No
ADAM8214-2BM01 PLC CPU214 with Profibus-DP Master No
ADAM8214-2BT01 PLC CPU214 with Ethernet-CP No
ADAM8215-1BA01 PLC CPU215 Module No
ADAM8215-2BM01 PLC CPU215 with Profibus-DP Master No
ADAM8215-2BT01 PLC CPU215 with Ethernet-CP No
ADAM8216-1BA01 PLC CPU216 Module No
ADAM8216-2BM01 PLC CPU216 with Profibus-DP Master No
ADAM8216-2BT01 PLC CPU216 with Ethernet-CP No
ADAM8221-1BF00 8 DI DC 24 V Module No
ADAM8221-1BF50 8 DI DC 24 V Active Low Input Module No
ADAM8221-1BH10 16 DI DC 24 V Module No
ADAM8221-1BH20 16 DI DC 24 V, 2 Counter Module No
ADAM8221-1FD00 4DI AC/DC90~230V Module No
ADAM8221-1FF20 8 DI AC/DC60~230V Module No
ADAM8221-1FF30 8 DI AC/DC24-48 V Module No
ADAM8221-2BL10 32 DI DC 24 V Module No
ADAM8222-1BF00 8 DO DC 24 V, 1A Module No
ADAM8222-1BF10 8 DO DC 24V, 2A Module No
ADAM8222-1BF20 8 DO DC 24 V, 2A Module No
ADAM8222-1BH10 16 DO DC 24 v, 1A Module No
ADAM8222-1BH20 16 DO DC 24 V, 2A Module No
ADAM8222-1HD10 4 DO Relay Module No
ADAM8222-1HD20 4 DO Relay Module No
ADAM8222-1HF00 8 DO Relay Module No
ADAM8222-2BL10 32 DO DC 24 V Module No
ADAM8231-1BD52 4 AI Multi-Input Module No
ADAM8231-1BD60 4 AI 12-bit Floating Module No
ADAM8231-1BF00 8 AI 16-bit Module No
ADAM8232-1BD50 4 AO 12-bit Multioutput Module No
ADAM8234-1BD50 2 AI/2 AO 12-bit Multi-range Module No
ADAM8240-1CA10 Modbus Module No
ADAM8250-1BA00 Counter Module No
ADAM8253-1CA01 CANopen Slave Module No
ADAM8253-1DN00 DeviceNet Slave Module No
ADAM8253-1DP00 Profibus-DP Slave Module No
ADAM8253-1DP10 Profibus-DP Slave Fiber Optic Module No
ADAM8260-1AA00 Interface Module No
ADAM8290 Backplane No
ADAM8517-1BM00 PCI Slot CPU 517 No
ADAM8950-OKB00 Green Cable No


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