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4U CompactPCIŽ Enclosure with cPCI Power Supply and Removable HDD Bay (CT Bus or Non-CT Bus)

MIC-3043 Introduction

The MIC-3043 is a 4U enclosure designed for mission-critical and high-reliability applications such as Networking, Telecommunication, Computer Telephony Integration, and Image Processing. It is equipped with a hot-swappable CompactPCI redundant power supply and hot-swappable fan modules to minimize MTTR (Mean-Time-to-Repair). The MIC-3043 supports IEEE 1101.11 rear I/O transition boards. Users can route I/O signals to the rear transition boards for simplified system cabling. Front boards pop in and out without any hardwiring. The MIC-3043 has two hot-swappable SCSI/SATA or removable IDE HDD bays and one slim CD-ROM as standard.
The MIC-3043 has a high-quality backplane that supports impedance control and 64-bit / 66 MHz cards for full compatibility. The H.110 CT Bus complies with PICMG 2.5, which is an open architecture ideal for telecom solutions or development platforms. With an optional Chassis Management Module (MIC-3924A-BE), CPU board temperature and voltage can be monitored and digital I/O lines remotely controlled via a Web-based interface, this enables users to remotely avert system failure. Notification is delivered by a warning LED and beep tones.

MIC-3043 Features

6-slot 6U CompactPCIŽ backplane
Supports two hot-swappable SCSI/SATA or removable IDE HDD bays
Built-in IDE slim-type CD-ROM
AC or DC cPCI 250 W + 250 W redundant (1+1) power supplies
Supports hot-swappable fan modules
PICMG 2.5 (CompactPCI Computer Telephony) compliance
Built-in alarm module (MIC-3924L-AE)

MIC-3043 Ordering Information

MIC-3043DE - 4U CPCI enclosure w/ SATA bay, CT B/P
MIC-3043AE - 4U CPCI enclosure w/ device bay, CT B/P
MIC-3043BE 4U CPCI enclosure w/ device bay, TP B/P
MIC-3043A-BE - 4U CPCI enclosure w/ CT B/P, 250W(1+1)
MIC-3043C-BE - 4U CPCI enclosure w/ CT B/P, 250W(1+1)
MIC-3043D-BE - 4U CPCI enclosure w/ CT B/P, 250W(1+1)
MIC-3043CE 4U CPCI enclosure w/ SCSI bay, CT B/P
MIC-3043B-BE 4U CPCI enclosure w/ TP B/P, 250W(1+1)

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