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6U CompactPCI® Rear Transition Boards

RIO-3310 Introduction

The RIO series of rear transition boards provide rear-panel access to the I/O interfaces of Advantech’s CompactPCI CPU boards.
RIO-3309C/3309S is dedicated for the MIC-3358A and MIC-3369C series.
RIO-3310S is dedicated for the MIC-3390 series only.

RIO-3310 Features

External rear-panel interface connectors for CPU boards
Onboard CompactFlash socket
Ultra 320 SCSI interface
Supports SATA interface

RIO-3310 Ordering Information

RIO-3310AE - Rear I/O Module for MIC-3390 w/o SCSI
RIO-3310S-A2E - 6U cPCI Rear transition (External SCSI)
RIO-3310S-A1E 6U cPCI Rear transition (Internal SCSI)

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