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ORION - 2253
Advanced 450W+225W (N+1) PS/2 Type Hot-Swap Redundant Power Supply

ORION - 2253 Introduction

PS/2 type PSU is the default standard for all chassis manufacturers. Keeping the same size makes it easy for the PSU suppliers to find the market. As the computing power is enhanced, the demand for higher power output comes. It is easy to increase the power output by extending its size, but not easy to have redundant capability and keep it in an exact PS/2 size at the same time.
ORION-2253 shows the technology to meet customers' requirements without sacrificing any advantages of traditional PS/2 power supplies. With the "N+1" design, the total power output of ORION-2253 can be more than 675W and has 450W output when any module fails

ORION - 2253 Features

* Apply true load-sharing N+1 design
* Three 225W hot-swap redundant modules
* Alarm beeping and LED indicator
* Provide 2.5A for stand-by +5V
* +3.3V on each module
* +5V, +12V, +3.3V o/p have OVP design
* 2-Layer, FR-4, 94-V0 PCB
* Ball-bearing fan
* Varistor installed
* Remote sense installed

ORION - 2253 Specification

ORION - 2253 Ordering Information

* ORION-2253 Advanced 450W+225W (N+1) PS/2 type hot-swap redundant power supply with ATX output

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