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Ultra Low Voltage Celeron® (Tualatin) Processor Card with VGA/Dual FE LAN

PCA-6002-B Introduction

The PCA-6002-B full-sized single board computer is designed with Intel® 815E chipset, and supports Pentium® III and Celeron® processors for exceptional value. With Intel's low power processor, the PCA-6002 delivers efficient power consumption with less heat dissipation. This cool feature is ideal for applications requiring low-power consumption or fan-less operation.

PCA-6002-B Features

  • Onboard Ultra Low Voltage Celeron®
  • Fanless operation
  • Intel® 815E 100 MHz FSB
  • Onboard integrated VGA controller, shared memory architecture
  • Supports dual 10/100Base-T Ethernet, Intel 82551QM/82562ET controller
  • CMOS automatic backup and restore to prevent accidental loss of BIOS setup data
  • Supports Type I/II CompactFlash

PCA-6002-B Ordering Information

  • PCA-6002E2-00B1E (Celeron 400MHz w/HISA/VGA/DUAL LAN,RoHS)
  • PCA-6002E2-03B1E (Celeron 650MHz ULV w/HISA/VGA/ Dual LAN,RoHS)
  • PCA-6002VE-00B1E (Celeron 400MHz ULV FSBCwith HISA/VGA/LAN,RoHS)
  • PCA-6002VE-03B1E (Celeron 650MHz ULV FSBCwith HISA/VGA/ LAN,RoHS)

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