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4-slot PCI/ISA Riser Card for POS-808

POS-102 Features

  • Fits in POS-808 case (used with POS-562 series)
  • Provides 4 shared slots for PCI or ISA expansion
  • OEM adaptable for embedded applications

POS-102 Ordering Information

  • POS-102 : 2-slot PCI and 2-slot ISA Riser Card for POS-808 (fits POS-562)
  • POS-808-0000 : Book-size Chassis for POS Control Board
  • POS-562-00A1 : Pentium?/font> MMX POS Control Board for Multimedia Applications (with 2 MB VGA memory)
  • POS-562S-00A1 : Same as POS-562-00A1, but without 16-bit sound
  • POS-10486-1000 : Wiring Kit for POS Series (COM3, COM4, LPT2)

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